Konverse Enables Collaboration and Improves Recruiting for @properties

$1 million+ saved in licensing costs

7+ years as a Konverse customer

Real estate firm @properties was quickly growing and struggled to stay connected to its agents. They sought a technology partner that would differentiate @properties when recruiting and be implemented as a scalable communication platform.

Collaboration Leads to Sales

Konverse transformed how @properties agents collaborated with the creation of designated rooms for upcoming listings and a resource center to share contacts, ideas, and more. Within the first year of using Konverse, there was a 378% increase in sales, in part due to internal referrals that were connected through the app.

“We’ve never had more internal referrals nor worked together in a more collaborative way.”

– Thad Wong, Co-Founder, @properties

The Konverse team also worked closely with leadership to build a custom mortgage calculator tool for on-the-go agents. Tools like these help individuals work smarter without needing to jump into a dozen different applications.

The custom mortgage calculator was built with on-the-go agents in mind.

Developing Culture and Simplifying Communication

Konverse also played a key role in developing company culture by creating designated spaces for community conversation. With clear communication channels and easy-to-access document storage, @properties was able to reduce email by 75,000 a day.

Attracting and Retaining Top Tier Talent

Konverse acted as an effective advantage to recruit top talent in a competitive market. @properties created a referral network hosted within Konverse and promoted the app as a useful tool for new hires to access stored database of contacts and vendor recommendations to instantly jumpstart their career. The organization saw a 106% increase in agents recruited after the first year implementing Konverse.

Industry: Real Estate
Location: Chicago, IL
Size: 3,200+

Key Features:

  • Announcements
  • Knowledge Base
  • Chat
  • Custom Mortgage Calculator