Powering Follett’s Workforce with the Right Information to the Right People

75% increase in OSHA completion rates

2 months to launch pilot

Follett struggled to distribute key information to store managers and had no way to connect directly with store associates.

While email and social channels were being used to communicate, leadership had no way of knowing whether employees were receiving communications or executing newly introduced processes. Not only that, but leadership could not easily segment or filter teams by location, making communication unnecessarily complex.

Konverse’s solution – a white-labeled Follett app – makes it easy for the Follett home office to delivery information and tasks to the right people at the right store locations.

Follett uses Konverse to connect frontline employees with the corporate team and improve cross-function processes.

Employee Engagement through Peer Communication

Before Konverse, managers were using Facebook Groups to connect and share ideas. With Konverse, Discussion Rooms were created for frontline managers and associates to share success stories, give feedback, ask questions, and engage with home offices’ subject matter experts. With an in-house forum, data and privacy is prioritized while still giving employees much-needed outlets for idea-sharing.

“It’s the right information at the right time to the right people.”

– Roe McFarland, President, Follett

Data Dashboards to Empower Managers

Konverse built analytics dashboards ensuring leadership visibility into employee engagement, productivity, and store performance. Frontline managers also use these dashboards to make real-time decisions about their storefront, from sales performance and inventory to scheduling and overtime.

Completing Compliance Tasks with Ease

Follett’s retail locations span across the country, so it was important their leadership team could manage and distribute essential regulatory tasks across storefronts. With Konverse, Follett’s team is now able to create Tasks by location and request completion by individual.

For instance, when new OSHA posters needed to be hung up, Follett’s team created a task that requested photo proof that the posters were in the correct location. With Konverse, frontline managers completed the task across locations in 2 weeks at 100% compliance.

With Konverse, teams can assign and track important tasks across locations to ensure a consistent customer experience.

Industry: Retail
Company Size: 10,000
Location: U.S. & Canada

Key Features:

  • Task Management
  • Announcements
  • Event Management
  • Custom Performance Dashboard
  • IT Support Desk Integrations