The all-in-one platform designed for deskless workers

Konverse offers the tools for non-desk employees and contractors to get their jobs done efficiently and effectively, eliminating the need for expensive, multiple-app solutions.

Corporate Alignment

Konverse has been built to align with all things corporate, whether your business is big or small. Between the ability to manage tasks and view analytics to comprehensive admin tools to ensure documents are secure, we also have GRC capabilities tools.

Enterprise Social Network

Enable your team with our enterprise social network. This private and internal feature creates seamless communications for your employees. Use this tool to motivate and reward your employees with our badges feature.

Employee Hub

Konverse is a robust solution for all your communication and employee engagement needs. We offer everything from a service desk to event management, onboarding, and more.


We customize our robust platform to be the all-in-one solution for your business. Integrated technology extends and enhances your team/staff/employee’s experience from start to finish.