Corporate Alignment

Task management

Simple corporate management

Governance regulatory and compliance

Task management

Ensure that employees stay organized and on top of their assigned tasks with comprehensive task management features.

Assign tasks

Create and assign tasks so everyone knows what to prioritize. Generate and upload files, videos, or photos to help describe the task at hand.

Create task prerequisites

Set your employees up for success by giving them a clear path to task completion. Create an ordered sequence of specific tasks so employees always know the next step.

Track progress in real time

See how employees are progressing in their tasks by tracking their completion in real time on Konverse’s analytics dashboard and set up alerts to ensure tasks are completed on time.

Simple corporate management

With comprehensive admin controls and member management tools, it’s easy to make sure only the right employees have access to the right materials, no matter how large your organization is..

Web and Mobile Apps

The Konverse Web and Mobile Apps gives content creators and admins an intuitive interface to create and moderate content, manage access controls, and keep up to date with dashboards and user feedback.


Admins have full control over creating, editing, and managing everything within the application, from content to the look and feel of the entire app.

Group segmentation

Sync groups from your user directory or create local groups to segment the audience for each room, link, or mini-app.

Governance regulatory
and compliance

Keep your organization in compliance with regulatory and government standards by using Konverse’s GRC capabilities.

Internal policy management

Create, store, and distribute corporate policy information in one easy-to-use app.

Version controlled

Create, store, and distribute corporate policy information in one easy-to-use app.