Seamless communication

Keep your employees informed and engaged with Konverse’s robust set of communication tools.

Mobile forward

Don’t miss a beat just because you’re on mobile. Communicate directly to the devices your deskless employees carry so they can stay up to date from anywhere. Push notifications are game changers for app adoption, too!

Real-time data

Get an immediate snapshot of employee engagement with real-time dashboards. Track who’s reading content, project progress, and upcoming deadlines.


Encourage your workforce to collaborate! By allowing employees to share their expertise, best practices, and resources via crowdsourcing, they’ll elevate the whole team.

Email integration

Coworkers not yet on Konverse can reply directly to email transcripts that post to Konverse, so regardless of where communication happens, you can always find it in the Konverse app.

Social networking

Give workers a platform on which to connect, without the need to share personal contact information. Encourage them to post about the company’s achievements — and their own — on social media, boosting your company’s optics.

Real-time chat or email-like threads

Use the right type of communication at the moment you need it. Konverse’s unique ability to change from real-time chats to asynchronous, email-like conversations allows users to have the right communication method in any scenario.

Proven at massive scale

We have customers with hundreds of thousands of deskless employees. Our unique ability to mix both real-time chat and asynchronous messaging with our global presence means we can meet the demands of the largest clients.

Language support

Is English the first language of all of your employees? If not, Konverse can automatically translate content to the language of the user’s choice, making it easy for them to comprehend important material and interact with a global organization.