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Unite your agents with an app that does it all. Konverse offers the tools you need for communication, training, task management, event scheduling, customer support, analytics, and much more. Incorporate your existing tools and build out new features with ease with Konverse’s all-in-one platform.

The Problem

Agents and staff are using email or multiple apps for communication, scheduling, training, task management, and more. Email is inefficient and noisy while juggling a host of other solutions is expensive and causes agents to lose productivity as they switch between them. 

The Solution

Save money and time with Konverse, a single app that does it all. Designed to seamlessly deliver everything an agent needs in one place, Konverse integrates with other app solutions to make all your work processes ultra-efficient.

Seamless communication

Keep your agents informed and engaged with Konverse’s robust set of communication tools.


Don’t miss a beat just because you’re on mobile. Communicate directly to the devices your deskless employees carry so they can stay up to date from anywhere. Push notifications are game changers for app adoption, too!

Real-time data

Get an immediate snapshot of employee engagement with real-time dashboards. Track who’s reading content, project progress, and upcoming deadlines.

Discussion rooms

Keep the lines of communication open with discussion rooms. Give accolades, get feedback, and resolve issues in private or public rooms.


Encourage your workforce to collaborate! By allowing agents to share their expertise, best practices, and resources via crowdsourcing, they’ll elevate the whole team.

Email integration

Coworkers not yet on Konverse can reply directly to email transcripts that post to Konverse, so regardless of where communication happens, you can always find it in the Konverse app.

Polls and surveys

Measure worker satisfaction and other company metrics by surveying the team. Use the results to help you identify workplace roadblocks, shape better policies, and create an optimal work environment.

Agent training

Onboard your agents quickly and effectively from anywhere with interactive training content and real-time progress tracking.

Create lessons

Design a training plan that agents can complete step by step. For each task, you can generate and upload files, videos, or photos to help new hires learn the ropes.

Organize lessons

Why overload employees with information irrelevant to their role? With Konverse, assign “rooms” for training materials so employees only see the lessons relevant to them.

Schedule trainings and events

Schedule in-person trainings and other events in live event rooms that integrate with Google, Outlook, and iCalendar. Konverse automatically manages event capacity and cancellations and keeps track of attendee responses.

Offer help

Don’t leave employees wondering where to ask for help. Direct questions automatically to the appropriate contact so they can quickly get the answers they need.

Measure progress

See onboarding progress stats at a glance, thanks to real-time dashboards that keep track of agents’ completed courses and training objectives.

SCORM support

Using Konverse, you can build learning materials compatible with SCORM. Quickly and easily create courses, quizzes, and assessment modules.

Event Management

Simplify event coordination and admin tasks with notification features and helpful attendee management tools.

RSVP and notification management

As soon as a user RSVPs “attending” to an event, they’ll receive a mobile and email notification confirming their response. They’ll also get notified any time the event is edited or canceled, as well as 48 hours before it starts.

Attendee management

Konverse’s Attendee Management Tool allows admins to see each attendee’s RSVP status, make updates to that status, and check in attendees as they arrive. It also lets you measure your event’s success with a quick export of event metrics.


Service desk

Konverse provides a robust help desk ticketing system that supports both your internal team as well as external clients, vendors, and partners.

Simplify support

Create an intuitive, single point of support for your agents where they can get the help they need — anytime, anywhere.

Manage workflow

Konverse’s custom forms help you create the perfect workflow, from request to assignment to close, so issues get resolved faster and more accurately.

Track performance

Track your team’s performance in real time or historically with key dashboard metrics like ticket topic, average response time, average close time, and more.

Knowledge base

Create and share documents and videos easily on Konverse’s secure platform, keeping agents in the loop no matter where they’re working.

Distribute key information

Konverse helps you skip the normal top-down cascade of information and puts it directly into the hands of the people who need it most.

Organize efficiently

With Konverse’s rooms and folders, agents have a simple, organized structure to help them find key documents and information.

Make content searchable

Move content away from paper or static intranets into a searchable archive to help agents find what they need quickly.


Konverse supports syncing and Single Sign-On (SSO) integrations with your existing tools, such as Active Directory, Gsuite, Dotloop, Skyslope, and more – as well as with any custom integrations you deploy.